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The Yorkshire Award

The Yorkshire Award has 2 categories:

1. North & East Yorkshire Group of EGB members riding at North and East Yorkshire Group rides only.

Yorkshire Gold Award you will need to ride 201 kms (approx. 126 miles) or more in 2020. This is a challenge for the riders who do competitive rides as well as Pleasure Rides.
Yorkshire Silver Award is for those who ride 101 – 200 kms (approx. 63 – 125 miles) in 2020. Pleasure Riders who are dedicated are likely to gain a Silver Award
Yorkshire Bronze Award is for those who ride 51 – 100 kms (approx. 32 – 62.5 miles in 2020). The Yorkshire Bronze should be within the reach of most Pleasure Riders
However the above figures are not set in stone due to the vagaries of the British weather and other unforeseen circumstances.
A Yorkshire Merit is for those who ride 25 – 50 kms (approx. 15.5 – 31.25 miles in 2020). The Merit is for those with novice horses at the start of their career, or older horses who maybe still enjoying Pleasure Rides but are no longer able to do more than 20 km or for our younger members who are only allowed to do short rides.

Non EGB members

2.The second category of the Yorkshire Award is for riders who are not members of EGB but attend the North and East Yorkshire Group Rides. If they ride more than 80 kms (approx. 50 miles) in 2020 there will be a Yorkshire Award Certificate. A Yorkshire Award Certificate is a target that can be achieved by attending 4 group rides and completing 20 kms (12.5 miles) at each ride.

This is not an award for an overall winner at the AGM but a personal achievement award.

Collect a copy of the Yorkshire  Award card from the Group Secretary. You can only start collecting the kms, once you are a member/associate member

Download your Yorkshire Award Card Here








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