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Terrington 24th May 2020


Postponed until further notice

Date   May 24th 2020

Organiser   Tahnee Burgess
Venue   Bradrith Farm Bulmer YO60 7ET
Classes   Class 1 :16 km Class 2: 24
Start Times   9.30-11.00
Route   Mainly farm tracks, woodland and good going. Very little roadwork. No crewing on route.
Closing Date  

12th May 2020

Closing date is the 12th May, unless all the places are taken prior to the closing date.

Entry Forms  

You can pay on line:

If riders are under 18 please also complete the Parental consent form


EGB and Associate Members £17 includes £2.00 paramedic fee
Non members: £25.00 includes EGB day membership to comply with insurance regulations and £2.00 paramedic fee

Please note: £1 discount for young rides (14-21) and £3 discount for juniors (8-13)

Junior riders must ride with an adult rider who is over 18 yrs.

Download   Ride Poster
Cancellation Policy  

At least 10 days notice = refund
Less than 10 days notice - no refund or credit, unless you have a vet note please.

Please support the rider organisers with this policy. Thank you.

Full refund details on the National EGB website:

Please note: Riders under 13 must be accompanied by a riding Adult, over 18 years old.

Poster   Download Here


All horses must have completed the primary course and or had a booster for flu at least 7 days prior to the ride date.

Please see website for further information.

Please make sure you carry your passport – these may be checked to ensure vaccinations are up to date.







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