North and East Yorkshire Endurance Group of GB
Eudurance Group

Dialstone nr Thirsk. June 2022

Closing date for entries – 6th June 2022


18th &/or 19th June 2022
Saturday 18th June is Pleasure Ride
Sunday 19th is pleasure ride and competitive

Location   High Leir Lane, Old Byland, Nr Thirsk, YO62 5LG

Pleasure rides:
Sat - 20km or 10km or 5km
Sun – 20 km, 30 km

Competitive rides:
Sunday 80km, 64km, 40km or 30km

    Mainly farm tracks, woodland, bridleways and quite country lanes, also some excellent going over the upland turf of the Hambleton Hills. One of the best rides in the North. Minimum road work with fantastic going up on the moor. A couple of demanding hills. 5% roadwork.
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