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Thorpe Perrow BWY PC 2022


Sunday 17th April 2022

DOCUMENTS   Times and start list
Competitors Letter (Please read)

Run by the BWY Pony Club
At Thorp Perrow, Bedale, DL8 2PR,


Class 1. 20km Endurance Ride judged on the Performance Formula. Horses will be vetted before and after the ride.
Class 2. 20km Pleasure Ride.
Class 3. 10km Pleasure Ride.
Class 4. Supervising adults (10 or 20km)
Entry fees.  Classes 1 – 4.  13yrs and over  £25.00.  Under 13 yrs  £20.00.   Mounted supervisors  £15.00

All competitors under the age of 13 yrs need to be accompanied by an adult.  Maps, details of the ride, and a list of entries and start times will be available on the BWY Pony Club and North and East Yorks EGB websites 2/3 days before the competition. 
When you arrive go and declare your attendance to the secretary and hand in your PC Endurance Mastercard/local EGB card, if you have one.

Those doing Class 1 please remember to present their horse to the vet half an hour before the start of their ride and again within 30 mins of finishing their ride.
Class 5. 4km Easter Egg Hunt £10.00

All riders on the Easter Egg  Hunt must be 10yrs old or under and should be accompanied by an adult on foot. They will have to discover clues which will reward them with Easter Eggs when they complete the ride.

Entries via horsevents.( 
For further details phone Robert on 07740 508462
Entries close on Monday 11th April.
Approx starting times.
Class 1 & 2 10.30 am
Class 3 11.30 am
Class 5 12 noon

All children 12yrs and under must be accompanied by an adult.
Refreshments will be available all day.
Rosettes and Easter Eggs to all who complete.
Please put the age of the child on the entry, which branch if Pony Club member. Make a note of anyone particular you would like to ride with and if under 13yrs please state who your accompanying adult is.

On the day please enter Thorp Perrow by the back drive on the Bedale to Well road. It will be signposted ‘Bedale and West of Yore Pony Club’







Thorpe Perrow
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