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What to do at Rides

Welcome to all new endurance riders, we're looking forward to meeting you.

Please note all rides must be entered prior to the ride day, see relevant ride info for ride entry deadline, we cannot take entries on the day.

If you have entered a ride which has a competitive ride available, it is slightly different to our group Pleasure rides, you will need to have your horse/pony checked by a vet beforehand

These rides include:
Aram Grange (Sunday ride)
War of the Roses
Harwood Dale

We have had questions asked about vet sheets for these rides. So here is a step by step guide to the day.

However, if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. We are happy to help so you can enjoy the day hopefully without stress.

When you arrive you will be guided to parking.

Check your horse is ok and head to the caravan where you will meet the Secretary and /or someone helping me.

You will be given 2 wristbands with an emergency contact number - one is to attach to you and the other to attach to your tack/horse. If you have a distance card please leave it with us - if not please ask about one.

Distance cards record your distances at each EGB ride over the year and are submitted to the trophy secretary at the end of the year, this is for members and associate members.

You will be shown where to collect your bib number - it will be in a bib holder next to the caravan.

Check the notice board for any route changes/ information.

Wearing your bib, collect your horse and vet sheet. (Please fill in your name, horse's name and ride details before you go the the vet/Farrier as this saves time and easier to do without holding a horse) and proceed to the farrier. You will be told where they are and if not please ask.

Farrier will check your horse's feet/shoes and tick the vet sheet.

Next is the vet, usually next to the farrier. They will check your horse, take heart rates over a minute for competitive horses (but not for pleasure riders) and ask you to trot up This should be in a straight line away from the vet to a traffic cone, turn with the horse on the inside and trot back. The  vet writers will keep your vet sheet

Return to your box and tack up ready to set off within 30 min.

Once mounted head to the timekeeper who will tell you when you can start and give you a starting time. They try and set people off in small groups or individually with a few minutes between.

Follow the markers and your map and enjoy the ride.

Try and average a speed between 8-12kph which generally averages out at a trot. (so 20km should take between 1 hr 40 min and  2.5 hrs)

Depending on the ride there are lots of canter tracks so lots of fun to be had.

Please be aware of other riders as not every person or horse has the same confidence levels and ask if you want to pass. Please be courteous to everyone you meet. Please do not pass in canter and always go steady passed other riders.

When you come to a check point, please shout your bib number to the steward and make sure they have you marked off.

On return to the venue, go past the time keeper who will give you a return time, untack, let your horse drink and chill. Sponge your horse down to help them cool down and then return to the vet within 30 min.

Vet will check your horse over and ask for trot up again.

The vetting is to check for soundness and they usually check for dehydration too. If you have to retire on course you will need to go to the vet before you go home to check your horse is fit to travel.

Once this is all done go back to your trailer, visit the caterer  and enjoy a picnic and a chat with other riders.

Giving everyone time to sort your results, return your bib to the caravan where you can collect your vet sheet (which gives your speed) and collect your rosette and have the distance card/s signed.

The main thing is enjoy the ride making memories with your horse and meeting new friends.

We look forward to seeing you all at our rides

Any questions please ask 🐎 the relevant ride organiser


Pleasure rides - with no competitive rides along side

The process is the same as above, but without the Vet or Farrier







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